Ringers is dedicated to protecting hands and improving safety records. With the cost of the average severed tendon at $70,000 and the average fracture over $100,000 — reducing hand injuries is critical to the bottom line. Ringers’ broad portfolio of safety work gloves is designed to provide the right glove for the right application, while delivering maximum protection, dexterity, and comfort. Our global network and supply chain strength ensures accurate delivery in the required volumes where and when you need them.

Work Gloves - safety gloves

Oil & Gas

From the drilling floor to mechanical maintenance and general purpose, Ringers Gloves is the industry standard for onshore and offshore applications.
Oil & Gas

Work Gloves cut resistant gloves

Construction / Engineering

From building commercial or residential structures to refineries and LNG plants, Ringers Gloves has task specific safety gloves designed for use at construction sites. Construction / Engineering

abrasion resistant gloves

Fire / Rescue / Extrication

From fire and rescue to extrication, Ringers has safety work gloves with features crucial for first responders in high-risk environments.
Fire / Rescue / Extrication

Work Gloves tactical gloves


From special operations to law enforcement, Ringers Gloves meets the critical needs of our military and public safety officers.Tactical

Work Gloves - mechanics gloves


From auto repair facilities and machine shops, Ringers Gloves is the original innovator of the protective mechanics glove. Mechanics

Work Gloves

Industrial / Commercial

From industrial and manufacturing applications to small business and commercial environments, Ringers Gloves has the best work gloves for multipurpose use. Industrial / Commercial

Ringers Gloves


From outdoor activities and vehicle maintenance to hobbies and home improvement, Ringers Gloves offers task specific work gloves so you can safely do it yourself. DIY