Ringers Gloves’ F3 Technology™ is more than manufacturing technologies — it’s a philosophy and approach established by our founder over 20 years ago. As a former motocross rider and mechanic who understood the importance of both glove comfort and safety, his experience led the way for our commitment to creating gloves that offer superior protection, dexterity, and comfort — never sacrificing one for the other and never cutting corners.


1Genuine TPR Impact Protection

2Genuine TPR Impact Protection

3Genuine TPR Impact Protection

OUR MODEL Ringers Gloves develops each glove with our proprietary F3 Technology™ where we provide the best fit, the most anatomically correct form, and unsurpassed function. We set the standard for how quality safety work gloves perform using the most advanced materials, patented features, custom ergonomic patterns, and rigorous testing through accredited third party labs. With F3 Technology™, Ringers Gloves delivers optimized protection, dexterity, comfort, and durability. We believe hands and your safety are worth it, and so we craft the most technically advanced gloves.

HOLISTIC We view glove design holistically, and think about the details — how the gloves will feel and how they will perform. Each stitch has a purpose, contributing to an equal balance of ideal fit, form, and function. Not PPE generalists, our in-house industrial designers, with extensive backgrounds in sporting goods and consumer products, have created optimal ergonomic patterns and designs in developing gloves to fit and follow the natural contour of the hand. Our patented TPR design provides flexible protection for fingers and joints. Our gloves include premium quality value added features such as double-stitching threads, goatskin leather, and synthetic leather for ultimate comfort.

INNOVATION Collaborative and driven, Ringers Gloves partners with customers to identify their challenges in the field and develop solutions to address their needs. Always pursing advancing glove performance, our in-house research and development staff continues to focus on hand safety technology. From proprietary patterns and palm materials to task specific designs that mitigate the risk of cut, impact, and abrasion, we innovate our gloves to achieve maximum fit, form, and function.

QUALITY ASSURANCE In our state of the art manufacturing facilities we are committed to high safety standards and follow ethical operating practices. To ensure all gloves have the essential features to become high-quality gloves and meet our rigorous standards, every new design is tested by an international, accredited testing lab, CTC Groupe. Our gloves are also tested for cut, impact, and abrasion by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI/ISEA) and CE certified based on to European health, safety, and environmental protection standards.