Onsite in construction/engineering environments, Ringers’ safety gloves protect workers while materials handling, using tools, operating heavy equipment, and more. Developed with proprietary F3 Technology™, our gloves meet industry requirements for cut and impact protection — plus deliver high tactile feel and comfort for all day wear so they are not removed when completing intricate tasks exposing hands to risk of injury. Highly durable, our gloves last longer. The combination of improved safety records and glove longevity results in a lower total cost of ownership and a greater return on investment.

cut resistant gloves
663 R-Hide Driver
cut resistant gloves
664 R-Hide Classic
best work gloves safety gloves cut resistant gloves
665 R-Hide Impact
cut resistant gloves
R-161 Super Hero Synthetic


best work gloves

Ringers Gloves’ R-Hide, R-Flex, and Super Hero gloves series are designed to meet the specific needs of construction and engineering. Developed using proprietary F3 Technology™, they offer CE certified impact and cut protection while providing dexterity and comfort for all day wear.

CUT RESISTANCE The R-Flex light-to-medium duty glove series is certified CE and rated for ANSI/ISEA cut ratings and has a durable and breathable knit shell. Shop the R-Flex

DEXTERITY Delivering ultimate comfort and dexterity, the R-Hide is a medium-duty driver glove constructed of premium goatskin leather. Shop the R-Hide

IMPACT PROTECTION Popular for its multipurpose use, the Super Hero medium-duty glove series provides advanced TPR impact protection. Shop the Super Hero