Fire, rescue, and extrication personnel work under pressure in high-risk environments. And while protection from puncture and impact is critical, the dexterity required to execute rope rescues and extrication is equally important. Developed with F3 Technology™, Ringers first responder glove series is designed to offer the ideal balance of fit, form, and function so first responders can safely perform during a crisis. Built to last, our durable and abrasion resistant gloves can be responders’ last line of defense during fire and rescue emergencies.

Ringers Gloves abrasion resistant DIY gloves
R-314 Extrication
abrasion resistant
R-327 Extrication Barrier1
abrasion resistant
R-345 Rescue
abrasion resistant
R-355 Rope Rescue Red
DIY gloves

Ringers fire/rescue/extrication glove series is designed to provide the necessary protection and dexterity required by emergency personnel. Developed with F3 Technology™, our gloves deliver the durability, comfort, and safety features critical to first responders.

DURABILITY AND DEXTERITY Designed with flexible TPR impact protection on knuckles, fingers, and thumb, the R-314 features KevLoc® material on palm and fingers for enhanced grip and a Kevlar stitched palm for maximum durability. Shop the R-314