Hazards in the oil and gas industry include working with heavy equipment, pipes, chains, and tools that are often slippery from oil, increasing the risk of slips or drops. The hands of its work force are exposed to crush, puncture, cut, and chemical irritation. Ringers Gloves, the original innovator of the safety work glove, sets the standard for safety gloves in the oilfield — providing maximum protection, dexterity, comfort, and durability. All our gloves are developed with F3 Technology™, so oilfield workers never have to choose between fit, form, or function.

Ringers Gloves safety gloves
R-267 Roughneck®
Ringers Gloves best work gloves safety gloves
R-169 Super Hero
best work gloves safety gloves cut resistant gloves
665 R-Hide Impact
Ringers Gloves safety gloves
065 R-Flex Impact Nitrile


Ringers Gloves - safety gloves
Ringers Gloves - safety gloves cut resistant gloves
Ringers Gloves - safety gloves cut resistant gloves

Ringers Roughneck, R-Flex, and Super Hero glove series are proven standards in oil and gas industries. Developed with F3 Technology™, they exceed industry-mandates for protection, while providing maximum comfort and dexterity.

IMPACT High-performance TPR impact protection on the top of hand, fingers, and thumb, plus high visibility for increased safety make the Roughneck heavy-duty glove series an oilfield standard. Shop the Roughneck

CUT RESISTANCE A light-to-medium duty glove that is certified CE and tested for ANSI/ISEA cut ratings, the R-Flex series has a durable and breathable fully knitted cut resistant shell. Shop the R-Flex

DEXTERITY The Super Hero medium-duty glove series features a flexible knuckle TPR design and synthetic leather or proprietary silicone grip technology on the palm. Shop the Super Hero